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In the beginning…

To every story there is a beginning.

If it is a well told story you will never be told the minutiae of the beginnings, so in my efforts to tell a story well, I’m going to skip the boring parts.

Cambiare Productions was born of three people who share enough theatrical vision to work well together, and disagree enough to create a broader range of performance and installations than they would separately.

For my money the only reason to begin a company is to create work that otherwise wouldn’t be done. And the only reason to bring people on board is if they augment your vision in some way. Or if you augment theirs.

Cambiare was created out of the realization that as a group we could create very good theatre that other groups weren’t interested in taking a chance on. In this case the idea that we could take the performance/installation hybrids that Megan was immersing herself in and making a night of theatre out of them.

And so Cambiare Production and our first production, Transformations were hatched in the same stroke. We are not a repertory company. We’re not going to produce seasons (not just yet anyway). We’re going to produce projects that excite us. Projects that are in our bones that other companies won’t do with us.

We will continue working with other groups, Will and I with Gobotrick Theatre Company, and Megan freelancing as a lighting designer. But we look forward to creating our own space in this community making theatre that moves us, and telling stories the way we would like them to be told to us. Which is, as near as I can parse it, the golden rule of theatre.

In this corner of the internet we hope to bring you interviews with the impressive group of people Megan has brought together to create Transformations, and some insights into the process that goes into creating this amalgamation of storytelling techniques.

Two months from today Cambiare Productions will be delivered into the Austin community, I do hope that you’ll join us during this gestation period and celebrate with us on February 1st when this child springs forth.