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The ink is dry

The excitement is in the air!

Can you feel it!?

Yesterday we signed the contract with Salvage Vanguard, and now we can say without reservation that the show will go on.

February 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 8th, 9th, 10th.
It’s real.

There’s so much ephemeral shuffling of deck chairs in the production of any show that the touchstone moments, those moments of hard reality, become a little bit more heightened.

There should be something dreadfully prosaic about the simple legality of singing a rental contract. I have leased an apartment for a decade, resigning my latest lease just last Saturday, and never once have I been EXCITED about it. I was pretty relieved on signing my first lease in San Francisco.. but we were homeless at the time.

This is different.

It’s one thing to SAY you have a theatre company.
It’s one thing to get a group of talented people together and start hashing out a show.

It’s a whole different thing to really honestly have a space for it, and a time frame.

Maybe this it what it feels like for first time home buyers?
The commingled joy and terror of "It’s really ours and it’s perfect!", combined with a nagging "How in the WORLD are we going to pay for it!??!"

I’ll take it.

Do I have to mow the lawn for those two weeks?