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And the pieces begin to appear

On Monday night, while I celebrated the holiday with my coworkers, Megan had a bunch of folks over to the house. She pitched them the show over pizza, and now we have some faces to go with with the amorphous aesthetic ideas we’ve been trying on for size for the last few months.

This step is always amazing to me. It’s amazing even after a traditional audition for an established text, but when you are developing a show and this talent falls out of the sky and is simply the only possible, perfect choice for what you’ve been imagining… that’s magic.

This is where everything comes into focus. The nagging questions of this specific moment, or the look of that special piece will be answered by this person who  hadn’t even been involved two weeks ago. Their fresh eyes, and their own personal aesthetic will round the edges of this piece, completing it.

And actually, in this show, they are also often the canvas we are painting on. We’re lucky to have them. Hell, we’re ecstatic to have them. Soon. Soon I will introduce them to you. Hang onto your hats.