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sleep must take me unawares

After missing the opening meeting with (most of) the cast, there was no shot I was going to miss the first work with them. And on Saturday we set out.

Megan took Jessica Kincer (our Sleeping Beauty) for a shoot for part of the visual element of that piece. I tagged along. I do that.

Megan stalks Jessica in the woods.

Sleeping Beauty in the wild.


After feeding the ever ravenous Ms. Kincer, we headed over to The Foundation to meet with Kasey Glantz, and Liz Watts for their first time on this project.

Is there anything better than getting into The Room with talented folks and watching their creative muscles begin to flex as the burden of the show begins to shift to their shoulders? Not for my money.

Ms. Glantz

Ms. Watts in coffee camouflage.