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The Pitfalls of Success

As of 10:00 PM CST I have quit smoking for the duration of the production of Transformations.

Megan retrieved the mail after Christmas shopping for me, and in the mail were checks from Gramma Turner, Aunt Claire and Uncle Dave, Nana Poirier, and my Mom. The last brought me back through today and so I have stopped.

The numbers? You all have been exceedingly generous, and with today’s money received we are at $765 pledged with most of that received.

$765? Three more dollars than National Villain Barry Bonds has home runs. That’s right. Who’s the king now?

On receiving the mail I was giddy. The giddy has died down a bit as the reality sets in, but I have everlasting gobstopper candy canes, cinammon sticks and nicorette.

Pictures of the Ceremony below: