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If you want a thing done

For the four of you who don’t know, I have been spending quality time with a wonderful group of theatremakers from all over the world (Vancouver, Chicago, London, and Toowoomba!) trying to think of ways to raise the profile of World Theatre Day in our various localities, and especially here in North America.

We’ve flooded Twitter and our personal networks with requests and suggestions for activities to mark the day.

To be quite honest, I have lagged behind the group. I pushed and pushed on folks here in town, but aside from the ever-on-top-of-it Hyde Park Theatre who will be holding a reception after their show next Friday, I got no response from the Austin crowd. I was pretty frustrated, but the gang in town is pretty busy right now, so I was trying to move on to other ideas.

My wife, being helpful as wives are, asked what I was doing for World Theatre Day. Dozens of e-mails and Facebook bombings and Twitter strafing aside… nothing.

Until Monday.

On Monday I met with Latifah Taormina, the head of the Austin Circle of Theatres. I am pleased to announce that on World Theatre Day, March 27, 2009, Cambiare Productions in association with the Austin Circle of Theatres will be presenting a staged reading of Caryl Churchill’s Seven Jewish Children (.pdf) at the Dougherty Arts Center here in Austin.

Featuring some of the very finest performers that Austin has to offer, to be followed by a discussion facilitated by Robert Faires and C. Denby Swanson, this is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate the power of spoken word, and to really dig into discussion of a piece that has really caused such a firestorm in the theatrical (and blogospherical) world.


This is WORLD Theatre Day after all, and with the gracious permission of Ms. Churchill and her representatives, we will be  livestreaming the event! That’s right fake people who live in my computer, you too can witness our event in real time. It will be embedded here on CambiareProductions.com so keep you eyes peeled.

I am dreadfully excited to be able to present this, and to work with such fabulous folks in doing so. Whatever your take on the controversial Seven Jewish Children, it’s a powerful piece and will elicit reactions, and isn’t that the point of theatre? To get through?

Spread the word near and far.
If you’re in Austin come on down,
it’s free and it will be fascinating.
If you’re not in Austin?
Log on and check it out.