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In the Run Up

As I mentioned, I will be directing a reading of the hot button Seven Jewish Children as my contribution to World Theatre Day here in Austin. In between trying to keep up with the amazing, indefatigible Latifah Taormina who is wrangling the event, and trying to lock down additional cast members, I am reading and rereading the play to come at it from the best possible angle.

As I mentioned in the post before that, I tend to be cephallic in my approach to art. There are benefits, but in approaching Seven Jewish Children I don’t think it serves.

Seven Jewish Children wasn’t written cerebrally. There is ample craft, but at its core it is a gut level emotional response to an event. If you approach such a piece too cephallically you end up creating deadly theatre.

I want to hold off breaking down my thoughts on the play publically until I share them on Friday, but if you direct an emotion-work with your brain you will render it mawkish and inert, and that will be my internal struggle as we rehearse this week.