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Like the Marlins after a World Series

Cambiare Productions has so much turnover you need a scorecard to know all the players. We’re a two man shop, and more recently a three person shop as Amanda Gass pointed out that she was at all the meetings ANY way and has officially come on board as company production stage manager. First it gives me a good excuse not to pay her (as company members don’t get paid on anything we do) and second it confirms that until she quits to pursue Avogadro’s Dragon we will definitively adhere to the first rule of production: No Cambiare Show Will Go Forward Without A Stage Manager (there is no rule 2).

To save you asking: No she will not be blogging or twittering. There is no time for such things when your job is covering my butt on everything.

But the main thrust of this post is actually that aside from Amanda we have all new players all the time, and sitting here on the eve of part one of auditions for adventure that is Orestes it’s terrifying anew.

Cambiare Productions isn’t a rep company, and isn’t going to ever be a rep company. We absolutely shape productions based on talent available to us, but it’s more important that we find projects that we are passionate about than something that will feature one performer nicely. That even includes me. I’m a performer, and not a bad one, but Cambiare is committed to not being a vanity project and so I’m not in everything and have never been featured.

Unfortunately this means that 1.) we often end up disappointing our friends. Folks who want to work with us, are excited about our projects, and are very talented – but simply don’t fit the project at hand 2.) We end up playing talent roulette in open calls more often than my panic stricken brain likes.

We’ve been blessed with ridiculously talented people walking through that door on audition days. But the idea of pinning as challenging a role as Orestes in this adaptation on the shoulders of someone I don’t know, and have never seen perform?
It’s terrifying.

It will be alright. It always is, Why? It’s a mystery.

But in the next 8-10 days we will make seven or eight new friends, and forge a temporary new family.
And in six months I will whine again how our new friends are all too busy to work with us.