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The Summer Family

Everyone has been notified to the good or the bad, and we can mention our cast, some thoughts from a (now) cast member on his audition notes, and one lesson I forgot about until this morning.

First, out of a ridiculously talented group of people, who made the decision making process head wringing for poor Will, our cast for Orestes is as follows:

Orestes – Gabriel Luna
Agamemnon – Derek Kolluri
Klytaimnestra – Karina Dominguez
Iphigenia – Steffanie Ngo-Hatchie
Elektra – Molly McKee
Helen – Smaranda Ciceu
Voice of the People – La Tasha Stephens
Menelaus – Travis Bedard 

New cast member Derek Kolluri dropped some great notes in the audition lessons post that I want to share here:

ONE: You’re always auditioning. Always. The on stage audition is a far more shallow impression than the hour you would potentially spend in the company of THE COMPANY. In most cases, if you’re at an audition either you have a strong desire to be an actor or someone has told you you have a propensity for acting… or both. Either way, the point is that auditors are rarely surprised by talent. What hey are more surprised by is your personality and likability. If you walk into auditions like an asshole – you had better be the best damn actor anyone has EVER seen. And even then you may not get the part.

TWO: Headshots are a still frame that should offer the same amount of intrigue that an entire performance might. One should be able to look at a headshot and say, "This person can act." This isn’t the venue for artistic poses. The only art on the page should be behind your eyes.

THREE: Resumes are a direct reflection of your attention to detail. If it’s easy to read, you’re probably easy to work with. If it’s complete, then you are a confident performer. Any indication of laziness or apathy even on the resume speaks volumes to your auditors.

As far as headshots and resumes go, I know they can be expensive. But we’re artists with artist friends. Surely you can opt out of $500 headshots and have you friend with the nice camera take them. Hey, if you need headshots, I take them, and I layout resumes. Both for $100. But I don’t mean to use this as an ad for my talents, just a helpful suggestion.

Thanks Derek.

And I want to add one final lesson that I had forgotten about.

Theatre Companies?
All of the things we’ve talked about are also true for you. For many actors on the indie level this is the first time they’ve run into you. What do they see?
Are your communications clear and timely?
When they read up on your site or your blog what is their impression?
Are you welcoming and professional when they walk in the door?
Are you not on the phone while they’re trying to get questions answered?
Are you respectful of their time and talent?

If you’re drawing any reasonable level of talent to your auditions, you are auditioning for them to come back next time. Maybe they’re not right for this show, but barring the cataclysm there will be a next show.

Be the company that they really want to work for, or you’ll find a pretty limited pool available later.