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I need for you to sit down. What I’m going to say is shocking, and may ultimately be disillusioning for many of you.

I am not now, nor have I ever been, one of the cool kids.

I know. I know. Take a minute.

When we first start talking to a cast in the first handful of rehearsals I always expect to be found out. I expect them to roll their eyes and suck it up for the 6 weeks they’re stuck with us. So it’s always a mild surprise when they don’t storm out and declare us frauds and go tell all their friends at a Cool Party somewhere.

We’ve had the first three rehearsals now for Orestes. We‘ve talked both here and on Twitter about how talented they are (Go see Helen and Orestes in Black Snow if you don’t believe me!) but what you can’t always tell at auditions is how smart a group is. You can read each person’s intelligence, but that doesn’t always translate into a group dynamic.

Folks? This cast is on it and from the gun they owned this script.

We asked that they help clarify Will’s adaptation to make it as crisp and clear as possible. They jumped in and started kicking the tires immediately.

Last night we arrived at the 6h (and penultimate) design for the use of the Furies masks as they began exploring the movement, vocalization, and groupthink of the Triune Destroyer.

Despite my lethargy and That Look on my face, I can’t being to tell you how invigorating it is to know that these 7 people have our backs.

28 days till magic time.