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This is Our Town

I am something of an Austin theatre scene booster. I haven’t been at all shy about that. I am rightfully proud of the raw amount of theatre (and art in general) that goes on in a town that has a population only about 30% of Brooklyn’s’. One of my criticisms of the scene is the lack of a regional theatre to anchor the identity of the region and serve as an importer/exporter to the nexus of American theatre. There is justreally no place to grow to.

Of course that’s also a strength in what is a D-I-Y town, do your thing and make it on your own.

It also means that there isn’t a Big Boy in town to root against. There isn’t a Giant in town that is sucking the air out of the room for the indies. There are two larger theatres that pay better, but they’re really just older successful versions of what everyone in town is doing. One a little less adventurous and one a bit more, but how do you root against the theater that sits in the big boy seat and has as it’s “In Trouble Need to Make Money” season:

The Break-Up Notebook
Fiction written and directed by Steven Dietz
The Book of Grace written and directed by Suzan-Lori Parks
August: Osage County
and the yearly Santaland Diaries

Yeah. That’s a tough life. Absolutely there are commercial choices, but they have salaries to pay. And there are commercial choices and there are COMMERCIAL choices.

Way to go Zach! thank you for challenging yourselves every year.