God Bless the Child…

Cambiare’s next production (exact dates pending) is In Pursuit of Childhood. It’s already in it’s 3rd incarnation (as proposed it was called Lunchroom Gods and featured yet MORE mythology!) and beginning the plunge from mine and Will’s brains through the filter of a cast and into reality.

Will and I brainstorm pretty fluidly at this stage. We take an idea, walk it to a conclusion, ask it a few questions, and move on. Sort of the way all the cautious (i.e. smart) kids took to a Choose Your Own Adventure with a finger marking each outcome so as to avoid dying or becoming an ant.

A lot of the specifics of the piece will depend on the cast and the improvisations they create, but as a starting place we plan on assigning each of the cast members a characteristic to build their character from. Something stock to give a foundation the (approximate) sixth graders we’re looking for local superstars to build. A sort of kiddie commedia.

Bandying around the sorts of characteristics it would be fun to see folks try on leads for the more introspective participants (yeah alright both of us) to think about where we would have fit in the group. What would my “stock characteristic” have been?

How about small? Very small.

Sixth Grade Graduation

Yes that’s actual sixth grade graduation.

I hadn’t yet discovered cynicism, had only the rudimentary control of sarcasm that all sixth graders have, I wasn’t the class clown, Peter Ivas was. I was smart, but wasn’t the smartest kid in the class, one of the girls was (my money is on Jodie Shafer, but any of Jodie, Nevart, or Megan could have been number one). I was still very unsure of myself only having spent 3.5 years with my family. So I hadn’t become the arrogant know-it-all of high school that fed into the arrogant know-it-all insufferable loudmouth of adulthood.

So I guess I’m going to have to stick with quietish nerd. It’s not where I ended up, but it is where I was…

How about you? What Stock Kids Movie Type were you?

  • amywratchford

    I was the really smart but socially awkward one who always over-dressed. Didn't own a pair of jeans until high school. Think Peter Pan collars.

  • Josh

    whoa, i kinda hope you go back to that LUNCHROOM GODS title. i really like it. seems to promise a lot more action and energy.

  • monicareida

    I was smart, quiet and socially awkward. I was always seen with a book and had developed a fascination with diseases by middle school.

    I also usually wore suits to school

  • Ian

    I was the new kid.

  • RZCrow

    People say, You must have been the class clown. And I say, No, I wasn't. But I sat next to the class clown, and I studied him.

  • Lunchroom Gods is a VERY different show, one that is unharmed by this change. Lunchroom Gods is a show about the power of imagination to escape and overcome fear. Overwhelmed children can use the power of the white chalk circle to turn into the mythological god of their choice – becoming larger than That Thing that they are scared of and gaining the ability to speak to it.

    The circle begins as a place they have to go to, later becomes something they can create anywhere, and LATER becomes something that all of the children are able to do. They all carry the chalk with them to be as powerful as necessary on demand.

    We hand out chalk as the audience is leaving.

  • bastioncarboni

    The gay kid accused of making bomb threats.

  • carl_bmi

    Read much Jim Butcher?

  • carl_bmi

    I was the dork without a place. The brunt of the overwhelming social joke that was early teenage education. The last kid picked to be on a team. The one no one liked for no reason they could put to words. That was 6th grade… focused slow painful social nightmare.

  • I've not as yet.

  • Sixth grade was when I first noticed that my grades were good, and that they would not magically remain good as they had up until then. I was the grades kid. I was Hermione. Except that our actual Hermione was Patty Allen (her science projects blew mine completely out of the water).

  • creative13

    6th grade was when school stopped being a playful place but also when I discovered I could really do things. I suddenly was smart, tall, and started to become a person with my own ideas and plans. I was still pretty much an oddity to my schoolmates, it would not be until high school where I found a place with people of my own age. I was never arrogant but I sure stood up for my beliefs and rights. I'll find a few photos and hand them over to you. So as to stereotype – tall, smart, misfit.

  • creative13

    Same with me, no jeans until college though. And I think I often still over dress. Oooh peter pan collars, did you have to go there?