A Few Good Folks

Last fall the New Works community in Austin was awarded a planning grant from the Mellon foundation to explore (and model) infrastructure to support the creation of… well… New Work (http://goo.gl/y0TcS). That process continues apace and one of the identified areas of need was a better outreach to other makers and supporters, in other communities around the continent and the world.

The more we build relationship, the more contact makers have with those outside their own sphere the better the work will be and maybe we can ease the martyr/persecution complex just a bit…. you are NOT alone.


If you are a maker or supporter of new performance work we would love for you to raise your hand and be counted via the short form linked below. We wouldn’t know who to sell you out to if we were interested… and we’re not. Someone from the Austin NWC might contact you with some questions but there probably won’t be math.

Thank you.

Down the Rabbit Trail: http://goo.gl/H8R8X

  • David Dower

    Looking forward to what comes of all of this. Let us know how we can help!- Your friends at the #newplay Institute. 

  • Great stuff – I’ll be passing this along for sure. Thanks for the effort.