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Messenger No. 4 – Dramatis Personae – Elena Weinberg

Name: Elena Amelia Nagel Weinberg
(Or as I was once called in 5th grade which sent me home from school crying, Elena "a million bagels" Weinberg)

Where are you from originally?
I was born in Austin, but found my first home in Pleasanton, Texas.  On August 3, 1989, my parents were knee deep in remodeling their kitchen.  My mother was standing in her kitchen sink, sanding a cabinet at the moment I was born.  (That was when they got the call, their adoption was official, and they could pick up their new baby girl in Austin within three days time).  I only lived in our rolling country home in south Texas until the age of 3, thereafter San Marcos became my home.  Although I officially say I am "from" San Marcos, I went to High School in Wimberley, which very much shaped my theatrical future.  So, long story short, let’s say "San Marcos."

How long have you been in Austin?
5 years.

Who are some of the the folks you’re playing in Messenger No. 4?
Elektra, Antigone, Laertes, the "hot bitch" Narrative Inc. trainee (I named her myself), lamp, tree, Pluto the Dog… just some highlights.

What was the very first show you did ever in your entire life?
I invite everyone to my living room to watch the VHS recording of "Snow White" starring Elena Amelia Nagel Weinberg, age 3.  There are two performances, one in which I play Snow White and my Mom plays all the other characters, immediately followed by one in which my Dad plays Snow White and I play all of the other characters.

What is the single most fun thing you’ve ever gotten to do on stage? 
I was honored to play the front half of a pig in Mary Moody Northen Theatre’s production of "Peer Gynt" in 2010.

What moment on stage do you wish you could go back and erase from history?
When I was doing Hamlet at the Off Center a few months ago, the power in the entire building went out just as Hamlet and Laertes were starting their sword fight.  In our version, Ophelia (me) died onstage and stayed there for the rest of the play.. God love them, the boys decided to keep going.  Although there were a couple of close calls, neither one stepped on me or broke anything of their own.  It was probably the scariest moment I’ve ever gone through onstage in which I had absolutely no control over.  I mean, I was already dead, I couldn’t just get up and walk out!

What about Messenger No. 4 are you most excited to be sharing with an audience?
As cheesy as this sounds, I’m just excited to be able to provide our audiences with an hour and a half of pure fun; and to hopefully give them a break from real life for that short amount of time.  There have been so many laughs in rehearsals so far, I pray that our audiences have as much fun and think we are as funny as we do.