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Messenger No. 4 – Dramatis Personae – Camille Latour

Camille Latour

Where are you from originally?
I was born in a beautiful house here in Austin.  I’ve been a Southie pretty much my whole life.

How long have you been in Austin? 
I have been back for 5 years.  I got my (undergrad) liberal arts degree from Bennington College, VT, and Masters of Education from Loyola College, MD.

I have lived in Los Angeles, and have also enjoyed performing in San Francisco, New York, and Milan as well as Austin, Bastrop, Georgetown, and Lockhart.

Who are some of the the folks you’re playing in Messenger No. 4?
I’m psyched to be playing the mighty (and saucy) Goddess Artemis, as well as Aeschylus (the slightly curmudgeony father of Greek Tragedy – quite a claim, right?)  I also have an action-packed line of Gertrude’s from Hamlet that I totally love!!!  (:  Mainly, I am delighted to get to work collaboratively as a member of the Ensemble.  Those gals are a very talented riot.

What was the very first show you did ever in your entire life?
I think the first show I was ever inspired by (I was a child in the audience) was an Epic production of Winnie the Pooh – maybe at the Hyde Park Theater.  I marveled at the other children dressed up as woodland creatures coming through the aisles – it was an exciting magic that I knew I wanted to be part of.

In 2nd grade, I played Gertrude in Hamlet (quite an ambitious choice for 7 yr olds, no?!)  But I remember feeling jipped b/c I lost the coin toss over getting to play Ophelia.

What is the single most fun thing you’ve ever gotten to do on stage?
That is a tie between 2 experiences: In 4th grade I played Hermes and ran around in a sheet stealing sheep and stuff. (Now I just run around stealing valuables and sometimes the odd piece of luggage…)

Later, in 5th grade I went on to play “Kat” in an original adaptation we did of “Taming of the Shrew”.  I don’t remember much from that play, but I loved it.  Partly because my mom let me spray my hair but mostly because I got to slap somebody.

What moment on stage do you wish you could go back and erase from history?
Once in a summer musical in Vermont I was playing a partygoer, and the fellow playing the male lead actually whispered to me on stage (during a performance) “Don’t you dare upstage me!”

…so then I had to.  (;

What about Messenger No. 4 are you most excited to be sharing with an audience?
I love that I get to play.

That I get to do what I love with other brave folks who make it fun.

Plus, I’m really looking forward to kicking M4 out of my bar, yelling at him as Artemis, and messing up Apollo’s hair.

Thanks for asking.