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Messenger No. 4 – Dramatis Personae – Vanessa Marroquin

Name: Vanessa Renae Marroquin


Where are you from originally?
Oh, just the best place in Texas to eat incredible Mexican Food, and it’s only 20 minutes north of the border!  McAllen, Texas.

How long have you been in Austin?
Technically I haven’t “been in” Austin, since I live in San Marcos right now, but I have lived in the central Texas area for about two years now and I absolutely love it.

Who are some of the the folks you’re playing in Messenger No. 4?
Well, I am playing some various Narrative Inc. employees, an elevator panel, trees, a fire alarm, and the like. Oh! And Chrysothemis, of course. She’s my favorite.

What was the very first show you did ever in your entire life?
It was a Christmas play my elementary school put on about an elf who became an Elvis Impersonator and was shunned from the rest of the elfish clan until Santa taught them the importance of following one’s dreams, no matter how weird they may be. I was Elf Number 3. It would have been a stellar performance if Elf Number 2 hadn’t been poking me and making fart noises throughout the entire show.

What is the single most fun thing you’ve ever gotten to do on stage?
At fifteen, I got to be a high spirited twelve year old blind girl who ran around stage laughing insanely while having the time of her life. It was so great. Oh, and I also got to tackle people to the ground. Did I mention I was blind?

What moment on stage do you wish you could go back and erase from history?
I would say the time I sang Stacie Orrico’s “More to Life” in my middle school talent show while wearing a pink newsboy hat and silver leather jacket; or the time I played King Herrod in my church’s Christmas play where I was forced to sing like a man and “tap dance”, but then I wouldn’t be the person I am today, so I won’t.  I know.  I’m so cliché.

What about Messenger No. 4 are you most excited to be sharing with an audience?
The original concept. When I first read the script, I was so intrigued and fell in love with the story. It was one I had never really read before, and it is just so exciting. I think when the audience watches it, they will know they are seeing something very special and unique from the very start.