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Messenger No. 4 – Dramatis Personae – Karina Domiguez

Name: Karina Dominguez

Where are you from originally?
El Paso by way of southern Arizona by way of northern Mexico.

How long have you been in Austin?
Since 1997, with a 1 1/2 year stint on the west coast after college.

Who are some of the the folks you’re playing in Messenger No. 4?
Receptionist, Klytemnaistra, Medea, Lady M.

What was the very first show you did ever in your entire life?
I was in the Christmas Pageant for my Kindergarten.
I got to play a sugar plum fairy. I remember being so excited to wear a tutu and makeup. I didn’t have ballet slippers, but my mom bought me a beautiful pair of plum colored flats to wear on the day of the show. We didn’t really rehearse the dance sequence prior to the show and then my nerves took over and so when I supposed to move right, I moved left instead and stepped on my scene partners foot.

What is the single most fun thing you’ve ever gotten to do on stage?
I played the Hawaiian volcano goddess Pele in a musical at the Vortex a few years ago. I got a dance solo while surrounded by some really good looking merpeople.

What moment on stage do you wish you could go back and erase from history?
Messing up a scene in a Greek tragedy that nearly derailed the play.

What about Messenger No. 4 are you most excited to be sharing with an audience?
Tan tan taaaaaaaaan!