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No good evening out is complete without a quality beverage and the rep productions of Messenger No. 4 and the 21 Would-Be Lives of Phineas Hamm featured a partnership with Austin’s own Deep Eddy Vodka to ensure we wouldn’t be lacking.

Those who braved a full night at the Blue Theatre (for both shows) received a complimentary cocktail (or soft drink) and you could also purchase them at the bar.

We had drinks concocted for us (one per show) by long time friends of Cambiare Productions Simon Ogden (The Next Stage, and Veneto in Victoria, BC) and Tony Adams (AD of Halcyon Theatre in Chicago).

Simon Ogden designed what we called the Juicy Apollo for Messenger No. 4:

The Juicy Apollo
2 oz Deep Eddy vodka
2 oz fresh squeezed lemon juice
2 oz Lillet
(white is preferred but red is also tasty and striking in the glass)
2 oz Crème de Cacao (white)
1 oz pasteurized egg white

Throw it all in a shaker with a lot of ice and shake like hell. There is almost nothing to cut the alcohol in this. YOU NEED TO SHAKE IT WITH ICE. I spent three weeks with this drink. Trust me on this. It is tart and a little dry but the Crème de Cacao rounds it off on the tongue and with the frothed egg white really does resemble Simon’s promised lemon meringue.


Tony designed the drink for the 21 Would-Be Lives of Phineas Hamm with director and playwrights dubbed “Phin’s Cup”.

Phin’s Cup
2 Oz Deep Eddy Sweet Tea Vodka
2 Oz Peach Nectar (Kerns or Jumex)
2 Oz Lemonade (we used Simply Lemonade)
Soda Water

This drink is dangerous. I say this with my show closed and no further relationship with Deep Eddy – the Sweet Tea vodka is smooth and tastes almost nothing like alcohol.

Build this in a tumbler, fill it with ice and then add the nectar, lemonade and vodka, fill the glass with soda water (and then drizzle a float of grenadine. Give it a little baby stir and keep reminding yourself that there’s alcohol in the drink or not reminding your wife that there’s alcohol (Hi Megan!)

Also, as you can see, I mixed pitchers of the drink to keep lines moving. A can of peach nectar is just under 12 ounces, so a can of nectar, 12 ounces of lemonade, and 12 ounces of vodka is one half pitcher. Then add the soda and grenadine on a per glass basis. DO NOT DRINK IT STRAIGHT. F’reals. These are sipping drinks not shots.

Thank you so much to our partners in this lil concession adventure. People enjoyed having a delicious adult beverage available to them, and in most cases something they wouldn’t have tried anywhere but at our event. Thank you to Simon, Tony and especially to James at Deep Eddy Vodka for making this perk possible.