While we wait…

We’re in a holding pattern on a few things before I write out  the final post-mortem on Messenger No. 4 (and get myself a tattoo) so I’d like to get a jump on our next little thing.

It’s going to be a minute or two until we get back to a full production… though nothing like the break between Orestes and Messenger No. 4. While we’re saving our pennies for whatever the next Major Node in our progression and Will does rewrites on M4, we want to stay active in smaller ways and work with even more folks we’ve never met before.

For those of you who came along at some point later than the winter of 2008 (so – most of you) Cambiare’s initial offering as a stand alone company was Transformations, a design as performance piece based on the poetry of Anne Sexton

IMG_9783-2 and created by like 734 women (Will and I helped). It was pretty good,  it was almost even attended! But other than the reading of Caryl Churchill’s 7 Jewish Children for World Theatre Day we haven’t paid any attention to (the creative output of) women since then.

It’s really not intentional, we’ve been doing original stuff mostly and you’re not part of the team. But we’re gonna get us an education now.

Ladies, we want to read your plays.

Now understand that there’s nothing on the table. Maybe not even a staged reading.  We’re not in a position to make any promises. Our goal is to 1.) be in a more education position when we get to a such a point 2.) be in a position to advocate for capable women writers when friends ask about texts the way I brag about Marisela Orta and Callie Kimball now. 

I understand if that’s not enough payoff for you. I wish you well. But if you like casinos in Oregon smart folks reading your work even if they’re not going to risk ten thousand dollars and a year of their life on it we’d love to hear from you.

We’re going to cap submissions at 50. We all have jobs and we don’t want a dead pile. We will read everything we get.

The Call:

  • We are looking for completed scripts from women of any age.
  • Make it a .pdf (be platform agnostic)
  • No character limit
  • No style limit.
  • No length limit.
  • Send it to Submissions at cambiareproductions.com
  • We make no commitment and neither do you, we won’t do anything other than read your script (and talk about it at Trudy’s) without your permission.

I know this is sort of weird call but.. well.. it can’t hurt to ask.

  • Liz Maestri

    Bummer! I keep getting delivery failures.

  • Ship it over to travis@cambiareproductions.com

    Thanks for sharing!

  • John

    I like your style.  It’s great as a playwright to know sent work will actually be read.  I love the idea of capping submissions so all scripts can be looked at.  More theatres should adopt this policy.  Anyway, good luck and have fun – John