I have a lot of ideas.
A lot. A lot a lot. Friends and loved ones learn to listen, or sort of surf the never-ending flow, for things I truly invest in… or spend a second thought on. In return I use them to see if any of the ideas bust through the eye glaze and fire a neuron in a brain not mine….

This is a pretty good system for a flawed brain. As long as the idea broadcaster and vetters are in the same communication plane… or awake.

Because sometimes? Sometimes you have an idea in the middle of the night and share it with the broader world before you vet those ideas with the folks you trust. In other news – I mentioned that I agreed to tattoo someone’s name on my leg right?

While doing a final adjustment of the Kickstarter rewards for Cambiare ProductionsMessenger No. 4 I was adding the personal touch items that I feel are key to small scale crowdsourcing… a headshot package from Will… cupcakes from Amanda and… well I don’t have a skill…. so HEY LOL I’LL SELL MY BODY. If it had been earlier in the day my wife my have had me think better of it…

It takes two to tango and my old friends the Vaillancourts stepped up… and tonight I made good.


Wait we’re doing what?



Erik Gilbert operating.
Me demonstrating that I am a leaf on the wind.



All the outlining done…
and NOW I ask how long he’s been doing this…


Erik colours in the sketch heart…
and the newest permanent addition to my skin.

Thank you so much to Mark and Trish Vaillancourt for your generosity and your years of support.