Whispers and Thoughts

Tonight we begin a quick jaunt into the world of Stephen Spotswood‘s ‘In the Forest, She Grew Fangs‘.


I’ve been trying to get a reading of this show together forever.

Spotswood is a longtime friend from the #2amt tag on Twitter but I hadn’t read any of his work (asking always feels oddly intrusive) until finally over a year ago, after hearing the title one too many times in my feed, I had to ask about Fangs. I read it and my immediate response was to record Ruth’s monologue… it’s that kind of show. As an actor I had to try saying the words out loud as soon as I read them.

It’s a monologue driven show which can be difficult for some readers and I really thought, and think, that this is a text that possible producers would do better to hear than to scan on the page. So I decided to combine a few streams in my head: have a lightly directed reading to give performers a chance to try on some roles they might not get a swing at in production, to give a director some time in a rehearsal room with actors that didn’t cost $4K from jump, and to give folks interested in new plays in Austin an opportunity to hear a play rather than read it between the 400 other things they need to do. It’s something that I hope we can persuade other Austin companies to do.

So Sunday at noon over some pastries and coffee Deb Streusand and some great actors will share their take on a lovely script which is a pretty great way to kick off your Sunday.

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